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Check the software requirements first! Then download the source code.

Using an IDE

OpenDino is currently developed with NetBeans, as many windows are generated with the Swing framework.

However, other platforms such as Eclipse Eclipse can also be used.

Compiling and executing the software in a shell is also supported using Makefiles as build system.

Compiling in a Shell

Two platforms are currently tested:

  • Linux: A typical standard implementation of Linux with a Java JDK should contain all required programs for compiling and running OpenDino.
  • Windows: Cygwin (R) is used to compile OpenDino on Windows(R) platforms.

Compiling on other platforms has not been tested.

Creating the Makefile

The Makefile is automatically generated by the script createMakefile. In a shell, go to the subfolder opendino/trunk and execute:

$ ./createMakefile


$ make

to list the possible actions.

Compiling the Source Code & Executing OpenDino

For Linux systems enter

$ make javac
$ make gui

to compile and start OpenDino in GUI mode.

For Windows systems enter

$ make javac_cygwin
$ make gui