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ProblemSimple - A Simple Optimization Problem


The module ProblemSimple contains a very simple optimization problem, which can be used to illustrate the optimization process. It contains a time delay, which allows to reduce the speed of evaluations. This can be used e.g. to show the convergence of an optimization algorithm in a presentation.



Algorithm deterministic test function.
Design Variables Continuous, discrete, or mixed variables.
Objectives single-objective for minimization.
Constraints none
Boundaries set to fixed value.
Initial Search Region not set.
Typical X not set.
Initialization sets problem properties.


Starting at his module -
Ending at this module Connections of type optimization


Name Description
- -


The options are the number of discrete and continuous variables and an optional time delay for per evaluation.

Module Description

Computation of the Objective

The single objective function f is a quadratic function. More precisely, f is computed as the square of all continuous and discrete variables.

f(x) = sumi(xi2)

This function is also referred to as the sphere function.



Source Code

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