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The module ProblemTruss is a multi-objective optimization problem. It implements a simple construction problem with the goal to optimize a truss structure. The module constains a small Finite Element Analysis code for analysing a truss structure.


The truss consists of 10 rods which connect the 6 point (labelled from 0 to 5). At point 0 and 2, a force F=45'000N is applied, which deforms the truss and generates stresses in the 10 rods.

The input of this module are the individual cross-sections of the rods (i.e. 10 cross-sections).

The output of this modules are 3 values, which can be set either as objectives or constraints:

  1. the weight of the 10 rods of the truss
  2. the maximum stress in a rod
  3. the maximum deflection of a node of the truss.



Algorithm deterministic test function
Design Variables 10 continuous variables
Objectives yes, 3 outputs which can be set either as objectives or constraints.
Constraints yes, 3 outputs which can be set either as objectives or constraints.
Boundaries yes, can be set as an option.
Initial Search Region not set.
Typical X not set.
Initialization sets problem properties.


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Ending at this module Connections of type optimization


Name Description
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The options are currently described as "pop-up help".



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