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The compiled software can be downloaded from Download page. As the software is written in Java, the compiled code runs on most platforms. The software consists of a single jar file opendino.jar.


Start OpenDino with either:

  • double clicking on the jar (this is simple, however, not activated on all plattforms and console output may not be seen).
  • open a Linux shell or Windows Command Line and enter one of the following two command in the same directory as file opendino.jar was downloaded (Windows often requires the latter command).
$ java -jar opendino.jar  
$ java -classpath opendino.jar org.opendino.core.OpenDino
  • to see additional command line options enter
$ java -jar opendino.jar -help 

Writing a Shell Script

The script assumes an OpenDINO archive file opendino.jar. This filename can be replaced to match the actual name or by a filename with absolute path.

For Windows, create a file opendino.bat with the following content:

 java -cp opendino.jar org/opendino/core/OpenDINO %* 

For Linux, create a file with the following content:

 java -classpath opendino.jar org.opendino.core.OpenDINO $*

To make the file executable enter in the shell:

 chmod u+x